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Private Tour in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Monday, 28th May 2018

And their deadly combination landed us on the exclusive sailboat Oceanis loaded with a wonderful sundeck, luxurious cabins, water heaters, auto pilot and a fully equipped kitchen! A beauty floating on crystal-clear waters. We spent a whole day amongst the breathtaking views and springy climate, satisfying our gastronomic desires with stewed mussels and fresh oysters. Short trips at quaint islands, with their antiques shops.

Dost, mazaa aa gaya!

And yes, Neeraj did the music.

Experience the Sea Breeze and Tranquility at the Adriatic Sea with the Luxury Holidays in Croatia

Nestled between the Balkans and Central Europe, Croatia is a stunning land characterized by rich history and glorious islands surrounded by sparkling crystal clear sapphire waters glimmering like a jewel fringed with white pearl sand.

With the Croatia tour packages, explore the exciting country that offers a plethora of outdoor activities, water sports and an insight into the cultural legacy through its spectacular cityscapes that have been catapulted to popularity through the hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ that has showcased the wonders of the country, making it a popular tourist destination.

Discover the city of Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik with the private tour of Croatia and explore Split’s Diocletian's Palace, the exquisite cathedrals, forts and impressive museums that showcase the European history in the cities of Zadar, Zaghreb and Dubrovnik. Visit the myriad National Parks and riveting islands that enhance the beauty of Croatia such as Hvar, Solta, Rovinj, Korčula, Pvlitnice National Park and many more. The majestic Dinaric Alps with splendid views of picturesque lakes and rolling hills is a playground for exhilarating activities such as hiking, trailing, rock climbing, rafting and zip-lining. The Zlatni Rat Beach in Bol on the south coast of Brač is a spectacular landform known as Spit that changes its shape as per different seasons and plays host to snorkelling, diving, kayaking, boat rides, windsurfing and sailing.

Luxury Sailing Holidays in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Luxury Dubrovnik Tours

The coastal city of Dubrovnik is an awe-inspiring intact walled city on the Adriatic Sea coast and a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nicknamed "Pearl of the Adriatic", the marvelous city is a major tourist attraction of Croatia and exhibits the historical legacy and coastal adventures that entices tourists from all over the world.

With custom Dubrovnik tours, explore the city steeped in striking architecture and boasts of beautiful attractions such as the majestic Old City Walls and The Gate, the Stradun which is a fabulous pedestrian thoroughfare lined with restaurants and cafes and The Square of the Loggia that includes many famous highlights. The city is inundated with splendid churches, forts and monasteries such as Dubrovnik Cathedral, Fort Lovrijenac, St. Saviour Church, The Dominican and Franciscan Monasteries, The Rector's Palace and Cultural Historical Museum and the Fort of St. John and many more.

Poised near the shimmering Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik serves as the access point to the several neighbouring islands via yacht sailing day and overnight trips. Embark on the mesmerizing trips from Dubrovnik that takes you sailing into the glorious sapphire sea in the resplendent yachts replete with sundeck, luxurious cabins, water heaters, auto pilot and a fully equipped kitchen. Head to the Elaphite Islands for an exciting adventure of swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, paddle boarding etc. or experience the amazing world of the hit series ‘Game of Thrones’ on the unique trip to the set of Kings Landing. Other remarkable excursions are charter yacht trips to the magnificent islands of Dalmatia, Mljet, Korcula and many others that offer spellbinding views and enchanting time in the sun, sand and water with delicious dining at the bars and restaurants.

Best Time for Croatia Luxury Tours

Croatia characterized by Mediterranean climate is best visited during the spring and summer seasons between April-November. This also coincides with the sailing season in Dubrovnik making a yacht charter sailing holiday very popular while touring Croatia.

How to Reach Croatia

By Air:

The major airports in Croatia are in the cities of Zageb, Split, Dubrovnik and Pula amongst others. They are well connected to several countries in Europe.

By Road:

Croatia is well connected to its neighbouring countries such as Italy, Hungary, Bosnia, Germany and Serbia amongst others via road and bus.

By Rail:

The train network has direct transport lines from various European countries such as the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Greece and Serbia.