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Private Tour in Prague, Czech Republic

Tuesday, 10thApril, 2018

Its not tough to keep parents entertained on a holiday. But when we want to do things together as a family, well, that’s another story.This wonderful idea was a combination of Fun+Style, Teens+Parents, Sightseeing + Excitement.

OMG! An electric scrooser ride across the elegant city of Prague!!!

It was fun getting them to do “our” kind of stuff – riding along paved streets of cool Baroque buildings and stopping at quaint cafes for Czech buchta with plum jam, and smoked Irish coffee with a dash of chocolate liqueur. Heaven!

Thank you Vibrant Holidays, I think parents can be fun too!

Check my FB page for the pix.

Experience the Old World Charm with Luxury Family Vacation to Czech Republic

Czech Republic located in Central Europe is a mesmerising country steeped in rich heritage that transports you to the historical world of the 14th century inundated with splendid and awe-inspiring castles and chateaux brimming with the finest European architecture and designs reflecting the baroque and gothic statements.

Apart from its enthralling history, Czech Republic is also famous for its beautiful landscape, quaint towns, cathedrals, numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of the finest beer in the world.

Explore the medieval charm of Czech Republic by visiting the regal Český Krumlov Castle, the baroque masterpiece of Brno’s Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the beautiful city of Kutná Hora and experience the fascinating glass making center at Karlovy Vary and the finest vineyards in the Mutěnice Wine Region. Indulge in authentic spa experiences in the towns of Mariánské Lázně and Františkovy Lázně. One of the most magnificent spot is the breathtaking Bohemian Paradise which is famous for its many towering rock formations that juts from the ground like pillars formed by thousands of years of erosion by the elements and isolated castles. Some of the most majestic, exquisite and resplendent castles are the Konopiště Chateau, Hluboká Castle, Karlštejn Castle and Průhonice Castle which also boasts of the impressive Průhonice Park. Engage in skiing at Krkonoše, the highest mountains in the Czech Republic.

Visit the Enchanting Capital City, Prague

Luxury Travel in Prague

Prague is a stunning fairytale city with a confluence of the old world and modern charm. It is an architectural gem with a rich historical culture and incredible medieval architecture showcasing the Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau styles featured on the castles, cobbled lanes, walled courtyards and bridges which dazzles through the vibrancy of the modern city teeming with vitality, music, cultural art and fine dining. The experience of luxury travel in Prague is a trip to the city filled with elegant effervescent vibe. Anyone who wishes to explore Europe likes to take a trip here because of the many splendid attractions and chilled out life in general.

The reason why Prague private tours are so popular is because the art and architecture is one of its kinds in the world. The city is renowned as one of the most well preserved cities in Europe and nicknamed as a ‘city of a thousand spires’, the cityscape is adorned with gilded soaring towers and brimming with numerous cathedral domes. With Prague tours, soak in the magnificence, elegance and serenity of the city on foot or on private Segway which is an exciting way to explore the city.

Visit the major attractions in Prague such as the Prague Castle which is the largest ancient castle in the world and rises like a dream above the city. It is now the official residence of the President and also includes on its site St. Vitus Cathedral, several palaces, museums and the beautiful Royal Garden, among others and the spectacular Charles Bridge which overlooks the River Vltava and offers breathtaking views.

A personal guide will take you on specially curated Prague private tours. You can also hire a personal photographer who’ll capture your candid moments as you stroll the Old Town that will transport you to the medieval era with its striking architecture and attractions including the famed Astronomical clock and the Wenceslas Square which is popular for featuring the best of entertainment, shopping and dining options.

Prague boasts of myriad splendid baroque churches such as Týn Church, St. Nicholas Church and Church of the Virgin Mary which is also considered a point of pilgrimage and impressive museums such as Czech National Gallery, Czech National Museum and Prague City Gallery.

Featuring exemplary architecture are the Prague Municipal House (Obecní dům) with a splendid façade and architecture which is widely considered one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau in the city and the Dancing House, also known as "Fred and Ginger"; one of the most fascinating and modern architectural expressions of Prague.

Personally curated private tours of Prague and Czech Republic take you to many notable attractions in Prague. Some of these special guided tours include the Clementinum and National Library, Strahov Monastery and Library, Prague Zoo. One of the most popular highlight here is Petrin Lookout Tower that offers a riveting panoramic bird’s eye view of the beautiful city and the Lennon Wall next to Charles Bridge which pays tribute to John Lennon and features outstanding graffiti.

Best Time for Luxury Family Holidays in Czech Republic

Book the Prague private tours during spring (April-June) and autumn (September- October) when Czech Republic experiences pleasant climate for touring the country. Summers get extremely hot, July faces heavy rainfall and winters are freezing cold and experiences snowfall.

How to Reach Czech Republic

By Air:

The major airports in Czech Republic are in the cities of Prague, Ostrava, Brno and Karlovy Vary. They are well connected to major parts of the world with direct flights from several countries in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Middle East.

By Train:

Czech Republic is easily accessible via rail and the most expedient routes are from Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest, Cologne, Nuremburg, Vienna or Zurich. Praha HlavnÍ Nˆdra_Í and Nˆdra_Í Hole_ovice are the railway stations which directly link Prague to other major European cities.

By Road:

Czech Republic is well connected to its neighbouring countries such as Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Austria through national highways into Prague.

By Bus:

There are several international bus services to and from Czech Republic and its neighbouring countries.

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