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Outskirts of Zurich – Switzerland Holidays

Wednesday, 7th June, 2018

I thought I would read about it only in Enid Blyton books. But wanted to live it. The kids heard about it and were really excited. So “Stay in the Hay” it was! We made friends with Barny the farm hand, and the two sheep sucklings Luisa and Suzy. We felt like the Famous Five rolling in the meadows, swimming in the lake, riding little ponies and relaxing in the hammocks. Almost felt like a nice pirate adventure was just around the corner! Thank you Vibrant Holidays for giving back part of my childhood. Ginger ale and fresh strawberries, anyone?

Explore the top cities on your Luxury Switzerland Vacation

Book a Switzerland Private Tour to explore the gem of Europe and the land of the snow crest alps, crystal blue lakes, gourmet cheese and exotic chocolate.

Considered a dream destination by many, the picturesque beauty of Switzerland is unparalleled. Many newlyweds come here to enjoy the best experiences of luxury travel in Switzerland. The quaint villages and scenic small towns add to the charm of the country along with the famous Swiss alps, lakes and forests. Bern, the capital of Switzerland is a gorgeous juxtaposition of old world charm and modern urban setting, architecture, culture, art, music and film festivals.

Explore the top cities of Switzerland with the Swiss Tour Packages:

Best Places to Visit in Luxury Switzerland Vacation Packages

1. Zurich:

Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland and a prime tourist attraction offering numerous delights of luxury Switzerland vacation. Zurich has charming elegance, pure air and cultural vibrancy that is perfect for anyone looking for inspiration or spend some personal time with their loved one. Speckled with museums, cathedrals, mesmerizing lakes, quaint hills, great shopping, incredible nightlife and many entertainment options, Zurich is a stunning city that caters to everyone. Make a trip to St. Leonard which is a natural wonder and the largest underground water body in Europe that can be explored by taking a boat tour. For adventure seekers, hike the Uetliberg Mountain at Swiss Alps for a thrilling experience and breathtaking views. Zurich also offers a unique experience of staying at farms. Tourists can experience the farm life by staying at a farm, playing with the farm animals, sleeping on a bed of hay and straws and indulging in a delectable breakfast made with the freshest dairy products.

Discover the marvelous city with the specially curated Zurich Luxury Tour Packages.

2. Geneva:

The second largest city of Switzerland, Geneva is a splendid city with natural beauty in great abundance including the largest lake in Europe, the Lake Geneva. Explore the awe-inspiring alps with stunning surroundings. Hike the alps in the summers and ski down the astounding slopes during the winters. Geneva offers a lot of activities such as boating, wine-tasting, biking, museum and art galley excursions. See the world’s tallest fountain Jet d’Eau, considered to be a landmark of Geneva and the flower clock which is a symbol of the city known for manufacturing luxury watches.

You can also go for private food tours, short hikes, movie set tours and a lot more to experience Switzerland off the beaten track. These trips are designed on demand of special guests who wish to explore this country in a way that is not listed in any itinerary. Since Switzerland is the best country for Ski holiday in Alps, one must not miss the snow season while planning their trip.

Best Time to visit Switzerland

Though Switzerland has diverse seasons, it can be enjoyed throughout the year. Most of the custom Switzerland tours can be booked during the early summers when snow is around but temperature is better. It is ideal to go with Swiss Tour Packages either in the summer months of June-September to explore the lake Lucerne, hiking up the Swiss Alps to Jungfrau, and exploring the cities on foot or winter season from December-March to indulge in skiing on the Swiss Alps and celebrating Christmas with the locals or spring time during March-June to enjoy the colorful visuals as the verdant meadows and trees come to life or September to December to witness the autumn season. Apart from the best experiences of Swiss alps holidays, visitors also get time to indulge in the outdoor activities of hiking, cycling, paragliding, skydiving, river rafting and exploring the vineyards.

How to Reach Switzerland

By Air:

Switzerland has three international airports, each at Zurich, Geneva and Basel and is the most viable option.

By Eurorail:

With Schengen visa, one can take the Eurorail to travel to several countries in Europe including Switzerland.

By Road:

Visitors can also enter Switzerland via road from France and Germany.

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