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Luxury Tour in Langjökull glacier – Iceland Holidays

Friday, 8th June, 2018

All f-f-f-four of us used all s-s-s-sixteen of our limbs. ICE… ICE… ICE… SING… SING… SING… No, I don’t mean to repeat myself. Its just the way the echo-echo-echo reverberated our voices and songs in the icy tunnel. Our ssshh… shhh… shhhivering voices made lovely haunting melodies. They even hold we-we-weddings in the chapel inside! Well, wedding vows th-th-thrice said! That would be a s-s-s-strong bond indeed! Thank you Vibrant Holidays, f-f-f-or this inside the glacier experience. C-C-C-Coffee please!

Explore the glaciers on your luxury Iceland holidays

Iceland is a breathtaking island with vast swathes of snow capped landscape and home to the largest glaciers in Europe. A country with a beautiful juxtaposition, it is also popularly known as ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’ due to the active volcanoes. Iceland in all its glory is a land of long summers and short winter days with the highlight being the spectacular beauty of nature ‘Aurora Borealis’, also know as ‘Northern Lights’.

The beautiful landscape is also a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Many visitors opt for packages offering self drive experience in Iceland. The rivers are perfect for fishing, rafting, snorkeling while the topography invites hikers and climbers to its mountainous regions. The exciting adventure through the Iceland Private Tour though is the snow land for skiing, snow mobiling and rafting, dog sledding and jeep safaris and the glaciers for exploring the tunnels and caves. Honeymooners like the concept of Iceland private tours as it gives them free time with each other in the lap of nature.

The luxury Iceland adventure tours offers tourists through a private Langjökul Glacier Tour an opportunity to explore the thrilling adventures of the stunning glaciers for a true mesmerizing experience of a lifetime.

Best Places to Visit in Self Drive Iceland Package

Langjökull Glacier

Icelandic for ‘Long Glacier’, Langjökull is the second largest glacier in Iceland and the world. Embark on the journey of driving to the majestic landscape with stunning vistas and descending into the glacier’s ethereal world by traversing into the largest man made ice cave in the world on a guided tour. Explore the wonders of the man made tunnel that leads to the 1,200 meters above sea level cave and the splendid surroundings in the ice cap glacier. The beauty of the ice cave, layers of shimmering and brilliantly shaded hue ice and frozen waterfall are a magnificent sight to behold. The cave also has an inbuilt church.

Visitors can opt to visit the Langjökull glacier tour on a monster truck or a snowmobile.

Many movies and music videos have been shot at Langjökul Glacier such as Oblivion, The Iron Giant, Rapper Mist’s song Hot Property and David Guetta’s She Wolf were shot here. Many custom packages take you to movie shooting locations as a part of packages for luxury Iceland holidays. Location: Langjökul, Iceland Timings: Open year round Duration: 3-4 hours

Vatnajökull Glacier

Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Iceland and in the world. The mighty glacier sports natural dazzling caves that are a captivating sight. Explore the blue crystallized ice in these naturally forming caves that materialize after the spring water freezes. Hence, very year the location varies resulting in new and unique caves. Location: Vatnajökull, Iceland Timings: November – March Duration: 3-4 hours

Best Time to Visit Iceland Adventure Tour

The best time to visit Iceland is during the summer months of June- August as the weather is perfect and has 21 hours of daylight. Many activities can be experienced during this time making it a peak season for tourists such as hiking, horse riding, golfing, etc. March-May is a gorgeous time especially for those who wish to enjoy Iceland luxury honeymoon. During this time the snow starts to melt, uncovering the stunning landscape, rivers and waterfalls.

The season between March and May is recommended for luxury Iceland holidays because it is when one can enjoy the gorgeous natural wonders of this country. It is also the perfect time for fishing, water sports and whale watching. September – November is still warm enough and slightly cool to enjoy Iceland and summer activities. Expect short days with around 3-4 hours of daylight and road closures if visiting during December – February. September to April is the apt time of the year to witness the brilliant Aurora Borealis.

With well planned Iceland private tours, you’ll get an experienced of luxury moments in some of the popular resorts and a personal chauffeur and guide always present at your service.

How to Reach Iceland

The most viable option to reach Iceland is by Air. The international airport is at Keflavik which is about 40 km from the capital city, Reykjavik and the local carrier is WOW Airlines. One can either select a package for Self drive trip in Iceland or hire a car outside the airport by providing necessary documents.

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