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Luxury Safari in Tanzania - Serengeti National Park

Thursday, 21st September, 2018

I was adjusting the tripod, when Neeti screamed. Rohan clamped his hand over her mouth. And me, I just stood there, mesmerized. The 1500 mm HD forgotten for a moment. The wilderness spread out like a never ending expanse all around us. With zebras, giraffes, lions moving all around us in the grasses in perfect harmony. The lake calm with soft ripples in orange hues, reflected off the setting sun. Deep in untouched territory, just us four friends and the Masai guide. No other human, or tent in sight. Nature at its best.Strangely peaceful. Except for Varun’s incessant chatter. Thank you Vibrant Holiday Destinations For creating this wonderful page of my personalised travel diary. And shut the hell up, Varun!

Explore the hidden treasures on your family holiday to Tanzania

Tanzania is a home to wildlife, beautiful beaches and natural wonder. If you are looking for a break, then Tanzania safari is a perfect choice for you. In Tanzania you can hop-in to the new adventures and get an intriguing experience with luxury Serengeti National Park Tours and private safaris. The omnipresent balance between the awe-inspiring topography and wildlife rich Ngorongoro Crater will help you witness the craft of nature. Apart from the obvious and mind-blowing packages for Luxury safari in Tanzania, this destination is also a favourite of scuba divers and snorkelers who come from the world across to experience the blue waters, colorful fish, and mesmeric coral gardens. Tanzania’s vast portion is dedicated to wilderness and exciting landscapes, while partly it is tamed by men.

Luxury Tanzania tour also offers end number of activities for the tourists to indulge in its wondrous adventure. You can explore wide range of activities such as, walking safaris, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, chimpanzee tracking, snorkeling, and camping under the stars. Tanzania as a country hides a whole world inside its vast forests and islands. Not only for the newly-weds and honeymooners, but the concept of Tanzania family holidays have become very popular because of the presence of premium resorts and high end camps. Couples and families can either go for fixed packages or choose their personal time with private safari in Tanzania which will give them ample time to enjoy the wildlife all by themselves.

Best Places to Visit in Tanzania

1. Ngorongoro Conservation Area:

Get close to the wildlife of Africa in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It is one of the most popular destinations to explore wildlife viewing areas. A well planned luxury safari in Tanzania will take you on a journey to meet hundreds wild animals on the crater floor. Some of the most popular residents here are lions, Thomason's gazelles, zebras, and rhinos. You might also find interest in Olduvai Gorge which is situated in the series of fault lines. Here you will come across fossil and remnants of early mankind which are 2 million years old. Location: Arusha Region, Tanzania Timings: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm Entry Fee: $200 per vehicle

2. Serengeti National Park:

You will never forget your first encounter with Serengeti National Park. It is the world’s best wildlife-watching destination that offers a serene view which is stretched up to eternity. Anyone planning for a family holiday in Tanzania will surely find a great way to disconnect themselves from the world and have more time for each other. You will encounter male lions across the open plains to welcome you. This 14,763 sq. Km wide national park is well-known for the huge population of predators such as hyenas, cheetahs, jackals who feast on the zebras, impalas, elands, klipspringers, duikers, and giraffes. Location: Northern Tanzania Timings: Open 24x7 Entry Fee: $120 each

3. Zanzibar:

Tanzania is not just a destination for wildlife lovers. The beach bums can also take a trip to Zanzibar, one of the most pristine islands in African continents. Zanzibar beach holidays come with an amazing offering of island life and strolls on unique Arabic style buildings. With many packages for luxury honeymoon in Zanzibar, you can also plan your post wedding destination with best of both the worlds.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania

Book your luxury safari package to explore Tanzania. Late June to October is regarded as the best time to watch the wildebeest migration in front of your eyes across the stunning plains. This time-period is the dry season where animals are easily found near water resources. Also, their predators and prey are in close proximity which will be an exciting game viewing for you.

How to Reach Tanzania

Going by air is the best option to reach Tanzania. There are direct as well as one-stop flights if you are travelling from overseas. There are frequent flights to Dar-es-Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar Airports. Unless you want to explore local Tanzania by road, you can opt for driving on your own or could arrange a local transport. This will give you an opportunity to travel across the mainland of Tanzania which will be relatively unusual for fly-in-travellers.

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