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Luxury Tour & Travel in Greece – Greece Holidays

Friday, 4th May, 2018

Art and music are my two true passions. Luckily, my group of friends share the same interests. All of us retirees packed off for a peaceful holiday to Greece. And discovered the most priceless city of Chania, an artistic marvel huddled on the colourful yet serene Venetian harbour is how we were introduced with the spectacle of private tours in Greece. A blue waterfront with artistic installations. Like classical music on a bed of rock n roll. Wonderfully juxtaposed. Thank you Vibrant Holiday Destinations, for this beautiful painting in such an urban setting!

Explore the Splendid Island of Crete with Luxury Greece Tour

With an intriguing history and unparalleled natural picturesque beauty, Greece is a compelling and charming country popular with vacationers, backpackers and honeymooners. The varied and astounding vistas is speckled with ancient ruins, the majestic Mount Olympus and sun kissed coastlines with glistening blue waters shimmering in the background of whitewashed buildings, an image synonymous with Greece.

Chania Crete is the prime highlight of island holiday in Greece. While Santorini is an obvious where you’ll end up during your vacation, the classic charm of Chania is just out of the world. Those on honeymoon looking for a more private beach honeymoon in Greece also need to keep this destination for at-least two nights to experience it completely.

With the Greece tour packages, discover the fascinating cities of Mykonos, Athens, Santorini and Crete. Explore the magnificent Acropolis in Athens, the sunny island of Santorini, the vivacious nightlife in Mykonos, the abundant thermosprings, the colourful Myrtos Beach, the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sites – Delphi, Meteora Monasteries, Rhodes Town and Corfu Town, numerous museums and plethora of archaeological sites. A prime highlight of luxury Greece tours is also its culinary wonders. This is one country where you can enjoy supreme quality olives, cheese and delightful cuisine that appeals to a unique blend of flavours influenced from Europe and Middle East.

Visit the Beautiful Town of Crete Island on your luxury holidays in Greece

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and is a quite distinct place full of warmth, hospitality, vitality, culture and an excellent infrastructure. The resplendent town of Chania reflects an ambiance of its Venetian and Turkish past and is a major tourist attraction offering a plethora of activities in Chania, Greece.

With Chania town private tours, embark on the tour of the historic Old Harbour with the Venetian lighthouse that seems like a minaret. The harbor is a beautiful attraction fringed with cafes and restaurants and is absolutely buzzing during nighttime. One of the prime highlights of private tours in Greece is a personalized guided tour of the archaeological Museum that houses impressive archeological finds from western Crete dating from Neolithic times through to the Roman era and the enriching Maritime Museum that traces the Crete's centuries-old relationship with the sea, from the Minoans, through the Byzantine, Venetian, and Turkish periods. Tour the exciting olives and wine safari and the brilliant Monasteries of Akrotiri Peninsula.

When you are done exploring the gorgeous architectures of this quaint town heading to Botanic park and Gardens if Crete will be the best idea. The reason why luxury tours in Greece are so popular is because of the warm, sunny climate and rich, fertile soils. Crete grows olives and grapes, and even farms tropical fruits, such as avocados and bananas all that you can enjoy and may be taste.

Chania possesses of stunning beaches that though hard to reach are absolutely breathtaking and worth a visit. While the blissful Balos beach is beautiful with pearl white sand and glimmering emerald lagoon, the Elafonissi beach is a marvelous visual delight and a sight to behold with pink hued sand and glistening turquoise waters. Marvellous private resorts around the beaches provide you absolute bliss during luxury Greece tours.

The highlight of Chania is the exhilarating Samaria Gorge which is the longest in Europe and popular for its challenging hikes and day trips.

Best Time for Luxury Travel to Greece

Book the Greece luxury vacation packages during spring (April-June) and autumn (September- October). Greece experiences pleasant climate during this time and fewer tourists translating into a better experience of soaking in the sheer beauty of the Mediterranean country. Most of the travellers seeking luxury travel in Greece come here in winters when the weather is just too fine. July-August tend to be extremely hot and are best avoided.

Most of the resorts are open during the winters and tend to get filled in advance as New year gets closer. Early winter days are the best time to go for an experience of exotic honeymoon in Greece when gorgeous beaches and wondrous architecture seem to have opened only for you.

How to Reach Greece

By Air:

The major airport in Greece is the Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport in the capital city, Athens. Olympic Airlines is the nation's flag carrier. Crete can be reached via Athens.

By Train:

Thessaloniki is Greece's hub for international rail service. Trains connect Thessaloníki to Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul, Budapest, and other international cities.

By Road:

Hungary is well connected to its neighbouring countries and can be easily accessed by road. Schengen visa holders too can enter Hungary by road.

By Sea:

Greece can be reached via ferry services from Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus and Israel.

By Bus:

There are limited international bus service from neighboring Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, and Georgia.

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