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Luxury Orlando Tour - USA Holidays

Tuesday, 17th February 2017

He insisted. I hesitated. He encouraged. I thought, why not? On the day of my birthday, I jumped off the helicopter. Scared at first, but excited, then exhilarated and finally, fearless. I flew in the sky. Skydiving does that to you. A memory etched in my mind forever. An unforgettable birthday. Celebrated 10,000 ft above the ground Thank you luxury travel expert, for cajoling me into taking this high point of my life.

Experience the Adrenaline Rush during the Tour of Orlando

Known as the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’ and ‘The City Beautiful’, Orlando in Florida, USA is the place to visit if seeking a luxury adventure trip. Tailor-made American holidays for various destinations, including Orlando will showcase you many untold secrets of this country. Orland offers an exciting mélange of thrills and adventure to cater to all age group. Popular for the Disney World, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, Orlando adventure tour offers a lot more exciting adventures that add to the thrill and excitement of the holiday. Explore the fun city which apart from adventure also has scenic parks, Seaworld, aquariums, zoos, art and museum culture, fabulous cuisine, high end shopping malls and an inviting subtropical climate.

Orlando is the favourite destination for those who want to enjoy USA adventure holiday. Here, one can engage in exhilarating and riveting experiences such as NASCAR Driving experience, Shark Diving, Ziplining, etc. with Orlando unusual adventure holidays.

Best Things to do in Orlando

1. SkyDiving:

Indulge in the thrills of skydiving and feel the adrenaline pumping with heart throbbing excitement as you jump from a helicopter and descend into a free fall from 10,000-18,000 feet above ground. A once in a lifetime experience, it is a must do activity. The activity begins with a short briefing on the safety and landing. Gear up in a suit before heading to the airplane accompanied by a certified diver. As the plane ascends to the chosen altitude, the instructor straps yourselves together to prepare for the jump. As the plane reaches the altitude, the most awaited moment arrives and you jump out of the plane towards an exciting free fall of 125 mph, the thrills of which is captured in the form of pictures and video. Soak in the breeze and the spectacular views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean as you start to descend. Midway the parachute releases, supporting the 10-minute glide downwards ending with a soft landing on the ground. Location: Tampa Bay, Orlando, Florida

2. Flyboarding:

An extreme sporting activity that has taken the world by storm, indulge in this unusual adventure. Flyboarding begins with a pre flight training and carried out under the supervision of a certified instructor. The Flyboard is attached to a Jet Ski or a Waver Runner which provides propulsion through the air and water and levitates a person to a sensation of walking on water or flying like an Iron Man and diving like a dolphin. An absolute electrifying activity, it is a must do when in Orlando. Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Walking tours

While this is not a part of USA adventure tours but these customized USA holidays will take you to places that are still unknown to mainstream tourists. Orlando Brewing tours will give you the taste of rich beer culture of this state. The ghost adventure tours will take you into some of the most haunted locations here. Private parties, celebrity spotting touts are just a few highlights that one can take out time to enjoy during their visit.

Best Time for Orlando Adventure Tours

Book the customised United States tour package and visit Orlando during the slightly cooler season between October – May. While the rest of the country and other parts of the world is freezing in winter, Florida offers a great respite with a pleasant weather between 22-25 degrees Celsius. The rest of the year is best avoided due to increase in temperature and brutal summers.

How to Reach Orlando, USA

By Air:

Orlando International Airport is the local airport of Orlando and 10km away from the main city. It is well connected with the whole of USA and many other parts of the world.

By Bus:

Many private companies run buses from neighboring cities to Orlando.

By Train:

Orlando has an Amtrak station which links it to various cities in the United States.

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