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Somewhere on the outskirts of Moscow – Russia Holidays

Tuesday, 27th June, 2017

We were ready in military outfits, combat boots, and a tank helmet. Strict instructions were given. Dos and Don’ts. Serious, yet thrilling. We could hear our hearts throbbing with excitement. We were booked for a day’s activities at a former Soviet Military Camp. The real thing. With real tanks, guns, bombs. In fact, our instructor was a retired military man too. We climbed on to the tank and felt the earth rumble beneath. Sheer power! We lived it all: the tank jumping over uneven, off-road terrain, and feeling the blast from the shot of its 100 mm canon, and a shot at rifle ambush in the woods. Thank you Vibrant Holidays, no other high compares to this. This experience of war, far better than PS4’s God of War!.

Experience the Life of a Soldier in the Extreme Adventure Holidays in Moscow, Russia

The luxury tour to Russia will introduce you to the capital and prime tourist destination of Russia – Moscow. An iconic city with a very rich cultural history and global influence, Moscow has played a very important role in the development of Russia.

Explore the iconic landmarks and architecture marvels with Moscow private tours and discover the majestic and unique St. Basil’s Cathedral, the legendary Presidential residence - Kremlin and the Red Square and the Bolshoi Theater. Visit the various museums during a specially created itinerary for luxury Moscow travel where you’ll see displays of the priceless jewelery, multitude art treasures and showcase the splendor of the Soviet past and stroll the lush green parks such as Gorky Park and Alexander Garden. Moscow also presents a very fascinating nightlife, shopping, attractions such as circus, musical events and many others that enthrall locals and tourists alike.

With a customized Moscow tour, adventure enthusiasts can embark on a journey that leads to a riveting experience of leading a life of a soldier for a day.

A Definite Addition to the Moscow Tour Itinerary

1. Military Tank Tour:

A well planned customized Russia holiday takes you on a thrilling and captivating adventure as you journey towards the former Soviet Military Base. Post a safety briefing, dress up in the former military uniform and helmet and march towards the tank for a ride of a lifetime. Choose from a variety of powerful tanks from the T-62, T-34, T-55, T-80, BMP-1, BRDM, etc. As the tank traverses to the off beaten and uneven terrain of the forest, feel the sheer power of the tank as the earth rumbles beneath it along with a spike in adrenaline as a shot is fired from its canon. You can even use military guns for an exciting shooting experience (blank bullets). Capture the unforgettable moments during the ride and pose with the stationary tanks post it. Visit the museum to learn more about the tanks and shop at the souvenir store to commemorate the adventure. Location: Moscow, Russia

2. Shooting Tour:

A heart throbbing and awe inspiring experience of shooting with the most powerful guns is a highlight of private tours in Russia. This activity take you to an authentic shooting range where you can Indulge in an opportunity with a weapon of your choice from AK47, Automat Kalashnikova Modified (AKM), sniper rifles to machine guns. Location: Moscow, Russia

Best Time for Luxury Moscow Travel

Book the Moscow private tour during the summer and spring season between May – September when the temperature averages 22-degree Celsius. It is the perfect time to consider a package for luxury tour to Russia as the snow starts to melt away, uncovering the beautiful landscape. As the sun shines throughout the day, the city blooms in various colours, turning on the vibrancy of the city.

How to reach Moscow, Russia

By Air:

Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo are the international airports that connect Moscow to the rest of Russia and the world.

By Train:

Moscow is the largest railway hub connecting to all cities of Russia and parts of Europe and Asia such as Budapest, Vienna, Helsinki, Warsaw, Beijing, etc.

By Bus:

Lux Express operates coach service between Moscow and various cities in Europe such as Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn, Minsk, Budapest, Prague, etc.

Enjoy your private tours in Russia with Vibrant Holidays.

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