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4 day Luxury Husky Safari – Finland Tours

March 3rd to 6th, 2018

Be warned. Fasten your seatbelts. Yet, you can never be prepared enough for what’s to follow. This I discovered as soon as I entered the camp. They greeted me with snarls and barks. A battalion of canines, and a single sled. All for me! I got an instant adrenaline rush, looking forward to this unique winter sport. I set off in the white landscape, with only the excitable padding of paws and the continuous pounding of my heart for company. Far, but close enough, the wolves watched me speed away. I was excited like hell. I mean, wow! This is cool, man! 4 nights, as many campfires and 100 kms later, I had already made up my mind for another trip. The huskies barked in agreement. Thank you Vibrant Holidays for a high never imagined.

Explore the exhilarating thrill of Husky Sledding on your Luxury Adventure Holiday to Finland

Welcome to the land of winter wilderness in the Arctic Circle country of Finland. With Luxury Finland Tours explore the spellbinding landscape of towering pine forests, tranquil azure lakes, verdant parks, the vast expanse of white snow and stunning snow crest mountains. As it is a land of unique natural phenomenon, many visitors like to take an experience of Northern Lights honeymoon in Finland. Absorb the purest air as you explore the pristine cities of Finland, enjoy the husky sledding, trekking through the peaks and witnessing the mesmerizing northern lights.

With Private Finland Tours, embark on a journey of exploring Finland. Visit Helsinki, the capital of Finland to enjoy the vibrant culture of the seaside city with its lush green parks, breathtaking islands, impressive architecture and the art and music scene. One of the most popular highlights of luxury honeymoon in Finland is the trip to Santa’s home and office at Rovaniemi, witness the magnificent Aurora Borealis in Lapland and indulge in the exciting adventure of Husky Safari and snowmobiling.

Best Adventures in Finland

1. Husky Sledding:

The white landscape beckons tourists for the lifetime adventure of Husky sledding in Finland. Experience the unforgettable exhilarating adventure in the lush laps of Lapland during the winters. Opt for a husky or reindeer ride day trip or experience an approx. 5 days of Finland husky safari including camping.

An escape from the humdrum of the city, embark on a breathtaking journey of husky safari in Finland with a wonderful group of well-trained huskies. Spend the day sledding through the spectacular white forest and frozen lakes before building a campfire for dinner and retiring into the cozy cabins. Location: Lapland, Finland Timings: Year round

2. Snow Mobiling:

Explore Finland by traversing the dazzling landscape on snowmobile. Husky safari in Finland is a much loved activity. Ride a snowmobile on your own or take a guided tour to experience the place thoroughly. Luxury Finland tours provide you various options such as snowmobile safari to Russia border, the city of Rovaneimi in Lapland to visit Santa Claus or to witness the Northern Lights and many other attractive places of Finland. Location: Finland Timings: Year round

Best Time to Visit Finland

Book a Private Finland Tour during December-April to partake in the exhilarating winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice diving, broiling in a sauna and Husky safari in Finland. If not a fan of bitter cold, the rest of the year is advisable to visit Finland when the weather is warmer and most of the country is open for visitors to enjoy and explore. Tourists can enjoy strolling the cities, visiting museums, parks, attending various music and art festivals and participating in outdoor activities.

How to Reach Finland

By Air:

Helsinki is the main international airport in Finland and the national carrier is Finnair.

By Rail:

There is a direct train from Moscow, Russia into Finland.

By Eurorail:

With Schengen visa, one can take the Eurorail to travel to several countries in Europe including Finland.

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