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Live The High
One day in the life of a soldier
We were ready in military outfits, combat boots, and a tank helmet. Strict instructions were given.
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The thrill of canine rides
Be warned. Fasten your seatbelts. Yet, you can never be prepared enough for what’s to follow. This I discovered as soon as I entered
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Jumping off a copter
On the day of my birthday, I jumped off the helicopter. Scared at first, but excited, then exhilarated and finally, fearless.
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Darr ke aage jeet hai
They always tell you, Darrkeaage jeet hai! But that “aage” was more than 2.5 kms far, not at all what I had imagined.
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Try and try till you succeed
“Pop up” he screamed. I was frozen in place. The 12 year old next to me chuckled and took off. Day one ended
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